Dental Tips: 4 Natural Drinks That Are Great For Your Smile

You decided to give up on sugar-infested juices and sodas for the sake of your teeth. This is a good decision, but, there are a few drinks that you may want to add to your diet. The following are 4 different drinks that are great for the health of your teeth. 

4 Oral-Enhancing Drinks

Consider the following and why they are good for your overall oral health: 

1. Choose Oral-Friendly Water

You read that right, not all water is created equal. Most purified water is not alkaline water. Alkaline water has a positive pH value, which is water in its natural state. This type of water should help rebalance the pH value in your mouth. The bacteria responsible for dental erosion, dental stains, cavities, and plaque need an acidic environment to flourish. And you'll be taking that environment away from them with alkaline water.

You can purchase alkaline water online or in your local health food store. You can also get alkaline water at your local natural spring, which is recommended.

2. A Tropical Pineapple Drink

Another drink you may want to consider is raw pineapple juice. You want pineapple because it contains a special active ingredient called bromelain. Bromelain helps dissolve the biofilm that stains your teeth and helps keep bacteria from sticking to your teeth. You should also know that bromelain is strong enough to help remove early stages of plaque.

3. A Little Apple Juice

Yes, apple juice is another type of drink that you should definitely consider to improve your oral health. The reason is simply because apples contain malic acid. This ingredient helps activate your salivary glands. Your saliva contains enzymes that helps kill bacteria and minerals to remineralize your teeth. Remineralized teeth are better protected against oral pathogens.

4. Sweetened Teas

You want your tea to be a little sweet. You have an opportunity to make your teas a little more oral-friendly with raw honey. Raw honey still contains antibacterial enzymes that help halt bacterial reproduction in your mouth. You should also know that raw honey is highly osmotic. That means that the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth will dehydrate to death when you drink your tea.

You can purchase raw honey from your local bee farm, farmer's market, health food store, or online.

Remember that these drinks are only meant to prevent dental ailments. Your family dentist should deal with any dental-related issue that you may be dealing with.