How To Choose The Right Shade Of White For Your Teeth

Getting your teeth whitened isn't just about making your teeth look nice. It has a large part to play in your overall look. Why just settle for a generically whiter smile? Here's how and why you should choose an exact shade for your teeth, not just white.

Consider Your Colors

How your teeth look isn't just about your isolated teeth. You need to consider the bigger picture. When people look at you while you smile, they're seeing your teeth, lips, face, eyes, and hair. You want to make sure that your teeth are a good match for your natural palette, as well as whatever you use for makeup, if any.

Not all shades of white are a perfect match for everyone. On some people, an extreme white may look too stark and jarring. On others, a fainter shade of white may not be white enough, making colors like yellow or brown pop out in your makeup and skin tone. As such, it's a good idea to choose your shade first.

Get a Test Strip

There are a few ways you can choose your shade, but they all boil down to having a series of shades of white to play with.

One thing you can do is visit your dentist and ask if they have any dental whitening strips to show you. These strips are designed to show the whiteness that can be achieved with your dentist's whitening treatments. Alternatively, you can even go to a paint store and pick up a series of white colors that look good to you.

Now, take your test colors home and take a close look at yourself in natural lighting with a mirror. Hold up each shade to your teeth and look at how it changes your overall look. Are you satisfied with the appearance of your facial features, hair, eyes, and makeup? If so, mark the shade as a potential contender. Repeat until you're out of sample shades.

Go to a Dentist

Once you have your shades selected, head to a dentist's office. Dentists not only do a better job at whitening teeth but have extreme control over exactly what color your teeth become. This is a big difference from generic whitening products you can use at home that don't give you any control over the final color you get.

Show your dentist the colors that you like. If you're using one of their examples, they'll be able to whiten your teeth to that shade exactly. If you're using paint strips, they'll pull out their example chart and the two of you will choose the shade closest to it.

Getting your teeth whitened can greatly improve the look of your smile as well as the rest of your appearance. Talk to a dentist, such as at Pike Dentistry, and get started picking the exact shade that you want, not just a generic whiter set of teeth.