The Perks Of Having A Crown

As your dentist suggested that you have a crown put on? Are you little intimidated because you've never had such major work done on your teeth? While this might sound like an extremely scary and daunting process, crowns can actually be very convenient and the process is not much more difficult than having a cavity filled. Also, it's important to point out the crowns are extremely safe, and long lasting.

If You Have the Option

Often, the dentist will give you the option of having a filling or a crown. While it is definitely a matter of personal choice and budget, there is definitely some advantages to having a crown instead of a filling. This article compares the main differences between the two different solutions.

Crowns Cost More, But Are They Worth It?

First of all, crowns are always going to cost more. The crown needs to be meticulously made by a specialist. Usually, there is a little bit of downtime while you wait for the crown to be made. The process is a little time consuming because you need to first have a temporary crown put on to your tooth while you wait for the permanent crown to be molded. Usually, you will have the temporary crown in your mouth for a week or two. It can be easily removed and the permanent crown put on. Overall, a crown can take about a month to completed from start to finish.

A Nice Texture

One thing that patients often prefer about having crowns is the texture. Basically, the texture is smooth and consistent. The varied texture between your existing tooth and a new filling can be annoying to some people.


In general, a crown is going to last longer than a filling. If you have a full brand new tooth, there is less risk it falling apart. That being said, a crown can fall off of the post, but this is usually not that difficult to take care of. In fact, a crown that falls out of your mouth can usually be put back on without having to be numbed at all.

If you do decide to have a crown put in, it is up to you to make sure it is comfortable before you leave the family dental care office. That is, you're going to have a brand new tooth in your mouth and you want to make sure that it feels natural and comfortable as possible.