Bite Your Nails? Know Why It's Bad For Your Teeth

Do you bite your nails? Over the years, this can cause your teeth to become unevenly worn down, causing them to look misaligned or crooked. It's important to know the dangers that nail biting can cause, as well as some ways to fix the problem that you created with this bad habit. Why Nail Biting Is Bad  Biting your nails once or twice is not going to do any real harm to them since teeth are naturally very strong and can bite through a lot of things.

Understanding What General Dentistry Is All About

For patients learning about the field of dentistry, there's a lot of information to absorb, especially when they're worried they might have to undergo complex procedures, such as root canals or implants. The job of a general dentist covers a lot of ground, but it's helpful to know what one can and cannot do for you. Can Do: X-Rays, Screenings and Preventative Work A general dentist is the first professional you'll typically go to when you have concerns about your teeth, and one of the first diagnostic tools they'll likely use to figure out what's going is the X-ray machine.

Here's How Dental Crowns Can Hide The Effects Of Your Bad Habits

Everyone knows that they're not supposed to bite their nails, chew on toothpicks, or gnaw on pencils, as all of these behaviors can potentially damage, chip, and break your teeth. Unfortunately, the habits can be hard to break, and many people don't stop until they realize that it's already too late. Although it's unfortunate that you've experienced this damage, the good news is that a dentist can get your teeth looking normal again in no time.

The Perks Of Having A Crown

As your dentist suggested that you have a crown put on? Are you little intimidated because you've never had such major work done on your teeth? While this might sound like an extremely scary and daunting process, crowns can actually be very convenient and the process is not much more difficult than having a cavity filled. Also, it's important to point out the crowns are extremely safe, and long lasting.

How To Choose The Right Shade Of White For Your Teeth

Getting your teeth whitened isn't just about making your teeth look nice. It has a large part to play in your overall look. Why just settle for a generically whiter smile? Here's how and why you should choose an exact shade for your teeth, not just white. Consider Your Colors How your teeth look isn't just about your isolated teeth. You need to consider the bigger picture. When people look at you while you smile, they're seeing your teeth, lips, face, eyes, and hair.