Three Things That Make Sleep Apnea Appliances The Best

Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition to have, and one that demands treatment. However, how you have your sleep apnea treated is up to you. While many sufferers look to CPAP machines to improve the condition of their sleep, they come with considerable drawbacks. If you haven't talked to a dentist about the possibility of getting a sleep apnea appliance, here are three reasons why you really should. No Noise

What You Should Do To Maximize Your Invisalign Treatment Benefits

Invisalign has been hailed as one of the best modern inventions of cosmetic dentistry because it straightens misaligned teeth without forcing you to wear ugly braces. However, Invisalign will not work for you if you are not willing to work for it. Here are some of the things you should do if you want to get the best out of your Invisalign treatment: Wear Them Full Time One of the most common failures of Invisalign is the failure to wear them full time.

3 FAQs About Dental Implant Oral Surgery

Do you have missing teeth and want to reconstruct your smile? If so, dental implants are an excellent option. They come in many variations, and they are the most durable way to replace missing teeth. If you still aren't sure if a dental implant is right for you, check out these three frequently asked questions:   How Much Does an Implant Cost? There are different types of implants. A single dental implant replaces one missing tooth.

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Full-Mouth Implants

Dental implants are one of the best tooth-replacement options for people who are missing one or a few teeth. They look and function just like your natural teeth, allowing them to blend right in. No one but your dentist will need to know which of your teeth have been replaced. They're also more durable than other tooth replacement options – if properly cared for, they can last the rest of your life.

Six Little Habits To Adopt If You Want To Avoid Cavities

If you want to avoid cavities, all you need to do is avoid sugar and brush your teeth... right? Well, not necessarily. There are plenty of patients who stay away from sweets and brush twice a day, yet still develop some cavities overtime. So many different factors come into play when it comes to cavity formation, and it may be impossible to prevent them 100%. However, there are a lot of little habits you can adopt to greatly reduce your risk.