Could You Be A Candidate For Porcelain Veneers? Here's How To Find Out

For many dental patients, porcelain veneers are a godsend. Veneers offer a fantastic opportunity to show off a new smile, one that looks natural and bright. Unfortunately, not everybody is a candidate for porcelain veneers. If you possess any of these characteristics, you might be a candidate for veneers.

1 - You have chips, cracks or worn down teeth.

Veneers can perfectly cover teeth that have been chipped or cracked. They can also be placed over teeth that have worn away over years of use.

2 - You have a gap between your teeth.

If you notice an open space between any two of your teeth, you might be surprised to learn that a set of veneers can fix the problem. This is even the case if the teeth are right in front.

3 - You have discolored teeth.

If you have stained teeth that you would like to conceal, veneers can do the trick. Bleach doesn't always work wonders. Unfortunately, you do need to make sure that you have enough enamel left on your teeth in order for the veneers to bond.

4 - Your smile is not symmetrical.

If you would like to balance out your smile, veneers might be a good choice. In some cases, the lack of bone support could be the reason for misalignment. Veneers might not be suitable in cases like this. Additionally, dentists may recommend orthodontic treatment to take care of a misaligned bite before considering veneers.

5 - You have healthy teeth.

Dentists need to put veneers on healthy teeth that have no decay. Dental patients should not have gum disease before placement of the porcelain veneers. Dental treatment may be necessary for this to happen.

6 - You do not grind your teeth.

Bruxism, teeth grinding, is bad news for porcelain veneers. Grinding your teeth may lead to chipping and cracking of the teeth. Fortunately, there is treatment for TMJ, which is a common cause of bruxism. Sometimes the issue is as simple as removing a stressful stimulus that is causing the problem.

There is no doubt that porcelain veneers remain a versatile solution for those minor imperfections. Even serious issues may be fixed with veneers. They are tailored to fit the smile of the person wearing them, making it a great custom fix. It is never too late to talk to your dentist about the possibility of covering up imperfections with veneers.