Tips For Getting Your Child Into Braces

If you have recently found out that your child is in need of braces, they may be fighting you on the issue. While you know braces are the best thing to do to correct their dental issues, they will more than likely be focusing on the negative aspects of wearing them. They may worry about what the kids in school will think, the irritation the braces may cause and the changes they will have to make once the braces are in place. The tips below will help you get your child in braces with less stress.

Show them possible outcomes

Find before and after pictures online of people who had similar dental problems which were successfully treated with braces. This will give your child a better understanding of why braces are so important for them and what they have to look forward to once they have them taken off.

Go over their choices with them

Find out what options your child has available to them from the dentist and take some time to really research those options with your child. This ensures they are going to feel more comfortable with the braces they will be wearing and it helps them to feel more in control of the situation. When they feel they are more in control, they will be less defensive about the whole idea of wearing braces.

One of the choices they may have available to them includes different colored bands in their braces that allow them personalize the braces with their own taste and style in mind. If your child is in their late teens, they may be a candidate for invisible aligners. While these won't produce results as quickly as traditional braces, they are removable and less visible. Another option is ceramic braces, which work the same as metal braces but are the same color as the teeth.

Listen to their concerns and let them know they are valid

You want your child to know you are listening to them and you understand their concerns. Listen to their reasons for not wanting braces and address those concerns with facts. You may even want to take them to the dentist for a simple meet and greet where they can touch base on some of their worries knowing that nothing is going to be done at that visit. The dentist can discuss the process with them and help alleviate some of those worries.

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