Odors And Horrid Tastes After Dental Implants – Is It An Infection?

Although most patients don't suffer any infection after the dental implant surgery, those that do experience infections of different degrees. How the infection is treated is determined by how long after the surgery the infection occurs and how serious the infection is. Below, you will learn about the treatment of infections after dental implant surgery and a tip for alleviating the terrible taste that comes with these infections.

Symptoms of Infections after Dental Implant Surgery

If an implant area has become infected, you will notice a terrible taste and odor and possibly swelling and redness of the gums in that area.

Treatment for Infections within 2 Weeks of Surgery

If an infection develops within 2 weeks of the surgery, a round of antibiotics will likely be prescribed. The antibiotics should kill the infection before it spreads and complicates the healing process. If caught early enough, the infection can be stopped without any further procedures.

Treatment for Infections beyond 2 Weeks of Surgery

If an infection develops beyond two weeks of surgery, the infection could be more difficult to kill. If an infection gets too bad, it can actually cause the implant crown to come loose from the post and require the removal and replacement of the crown.

If the infection is located in the bone around the implant post, the post will likely need to be removed and the infection treated. When the bone becomes infected, you will experience a great deal of pain and the smell and taste will be horrendous. If the post is not removed, the infection in the bone will persist and worsen, putting you at risk of further complications.

Treatment of Infections Several Weeks after Surgery

If an infection forms several weeks after your surgery is complete, the problem could be caused by a gap in between the implant post and the crown. This space allows for bacteria growth which will cause the tissue around the implant to become inflamed and infected. Usually, a round of antibiotics and adjustments to the crown will put a stop to this type of infection.

Tip for Managing the Bad Taste and Odor

Sometimes you can't get the treatment you need immediately, and the antibiotics can take days to kill the infection enough to stop the taste and odor coming from the implant. During this time, you don't want to continue living with the unpleasantness, so you start searching for a way to get rid of the smell and taste.

  • Rinse your mouth out with mouthwash a few times each day.
  • Brush your teeth a few times each day, but be gentle. You don't want to irritate the area further.
  • Use salt water rinses to relieve some of the pain you are experiencing.

Talk with your dentist the minute you begin experiencing any soreness, bad tastes or terrible smells coming from your implant. The sooner the problem is identified and the treatment started, the better chance you have of expedited healing.