5 Foods Your Child Should Avoid To Prevent Canker Sores

Of the many annoying and painful oral conditions that dentists hear about, canker sores are among the most common. These small ulcers develop in both children and adults, and they are commonly caused by a specific stimulus. For some, orthodontia irritates the gums or lips significantly enough to cause pain. For others, food is to blame. If you notice that your child experiences a significant number of canker sores, you may consider experimenting with cutting some of these foods out of their regular diet.

1. Lemons, Limes, and Oranges

Some of your child's favorite citrus fruits could be to blame for canker sores that become worse with time. For children who already have these sores, eating more citrus could actually worsen the ulcers and cause more pain. It could even be the juices your child enjoys that cause the pain to occur.

2. Tomato Sauce

If your family is like most, you commonly enjoy tomato-based dishes, like spaghetti. Tomatoes, like other foods on this list, are quite acidic. This means that they can cause canker sores to emerge. It may be time to look for a new type of sauce to go with your pasta or perhaps a new type of soup to enjoy.

3. Strawberries

It may be hard to imagine that some of the healthiest foods for you can cause canker sores, but it is true. Strawberries are somewhat acidic, promoting the development of canker sores. Avoid them if you do not want to have canker sores develop at all or if you do not want to worsen those your child might already have.

4. Chocolate

This one may be the hardest for children to stomach. Unfortunately, those who are allergic to chocolate often face canker sores. Generally, a child may be more allergic to an ingredient found in chocolate, like tree nuts or milk, rather than the chocolate itself. Still, canker sores can be quite difficult to manage in children who enjoy a delicious treat regularly. Cutting back on chocolate may help significantly.

5. Soft Drinks

While it is not healthy for children to be drinking much soda anyway, soft drinks are loaded with ingredients that may cause canker sores. Corn syrup and phosphoric acid can both inflame parts of the mouth. You may try to switch to a diet soda instead, but this does not actually help in spite of the lower sugar content. Diet soda is still quite acidic, stripping enamel away from teeth.

Still looking for answers to your questions about canker sores? Ask your pediatric dentist about how to best keep your child's mouth free of ulcers and other issues.