2 Myths About Professional Dental Cleanings Debunked

Good oral health typically starts with basic dental hygiene, which is why it is important that you clean your teeth and gums regularly. Unfortunately, many folks follow bad advice about professional dental cleaning which leaves them exposed to the risk of developing periodontal disease. Here is a look at 2 myths about dental cleaning. 

Professional dental cleaning can weaken teeth

Some folks believe that the tools used during dental cleaning can scrape off tooth enamel, causing teeth to weaken. This couldn't be further from the truth, as dentists are professionally trained to scrape off hardened tartar on the teeth and gums without harming your teeth in any way.

What could actually weaken your teeth is lack of professional dental cleaning, which would cause bacteria to accumulate in your gums and cause gum disease, which eventually causes tooth loss. Dental cleaning also doesn't cause your teeth to thin and break. This is often caused by lack of calcium in the body, which would require that you boost calcium intake in your diet and refrain from eating hard foods that would cause your teeth to break. 

Professional dental cleaning is unnecessary

There is a common belief that professional dental cleanings are unnecessary for folks who brush and floss regularly, and that one should get them for aesthetic reasons only. This is, however, not true, as there is some hardened food debris that cannot be removed without professional tools. If allowed to accumulate, this hardened tartar can cause gum disease and tooth loss in the long run.

Professional dental cleanings also help with the removal of stubborn stains that cannot be removed by regular brushing and allow for gum disease to be caught early before it causes tooth loss.

Another reason why you should never miss a dental cleaning is that the dentist typically does more than just scrape tartar off your teeth and gums. In most cases, the dentist will also check for cysts, pockets or abscesses in the gums, inspect teeth/fillings for cracks and even examine if your teeth are shifting or drifting. All these examinations may help the dentist determine the overall state of your dental health and make recommendations to improve your oral health and any cosmetic issues. 

Dental cleaning is essential for detecting the early signs of gum disease and removing plaque that would be impossible to scrape off with regular brushing. Be sure to get your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year so as to prevent periodontal disease and other dental complications. Talk to a dental professional like Tony Parsley, DMD to learn more.