2 Cosmetic Dental Applications To Give You The Smile That You Desire

Having a Hollywood smile can give you confidence and help you feel better about yourself. Yet, you may believe that it is impossible for you to have the white, perfect teeth of a celebrity. Nevertheless, there are cosmetic dental applications that can change the appearance of your teeth. Here are a few applications that can be used to give you the smile that you desire:


Dental veneers can transform your smile in multiple ways, because they cover the imperfections of your teeth. 

The veneers, which are thin slices of porcelain or resin, are affixed to the front of your teeth. The shape can match that of your underlying teeth exactly if the veneers will only be used to cover discoloration. However, if the veneers are used to transform teeth that are misshapen, chipped or cracked, the shape is adjusted based on what the tooth should look like in a perfected state. 

Veneers can even be used to correct the look of crooked teeth, as long as the misalignment is minor. 

Before dental veneers are fashioned for your mouth, an impression or mold of your oral cavity is made. Using this mold, a dental laboratory creates the veneers according to the specifications of your dentist. Upon the return of the veneers from the dental laboratory, they are applied to your teeth.

To prepare your teeth for the veneers, your dentist may have to remove a tiny portion of the top layer of the teeth that will be treated. This removal ensures that the veneer application will not negatively affect your natural bite. 

Dental Bleaching

If you are only dealing with dental discoloration, dental bleaching may be enough to satisfactorily improve your smile. Dental bleaches usually include a peroxide-based product that whitens the teeth by bleaching away discoloration. Although the dental veneer is the best option for permanent discoloration, such as that from medication, trauma or a birth defect, dental bleaches are usually sufficient for most dental stains. 

Stains that come from pigments that have been absorbed by the pores of the teeth can be removed effectively. A professional bleaching session can whiten your teeth by several shades during a single visit.

When your dentist whitens your teeth, he or she will usually protect your gums and lips during the process. Additionally, the dentist may use an ultraviolet light to intensify the whitening effects of the bleaching product.

To learn more ways to improve the look of your smile, schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist, such as one like Frederic J Mrugala DDS.