3 Tricks To Ensure Your Fake Halloween Teeth Don't Leave You Howling At The Dentist

Everbody's favorite candy holiday is just around the corner. You already know you want to be a vampire at this year's Halloween party, but what is the safest way to show off false fangs to your victims? Many people assume wearing fake teeth is no big deal, but they can lead to dental damage if worn with total disregard. Here are three tips to make sure you don't spend time in the dentist's chair once the ghouls have retired for another year.

Fake teeth adhesives

There are two types of fake teeth you can wear as part of your Halloween costume. There are the teeth that slip over your own, and then there are teeth that use dental adhesive to keep them in place. The problem with the dental adhesive option is that if it is a cheap product, it can stain, erode or scratch your tooth enamel. Rather than trusting the dental adhesive supplied with costume teeth, purchase an over-the-counter adhesive from your local pharmacy to keep the plastic teeth in place. By using a product you have purchased yourself, you know you can trust the recommendation of your local pharmacist.

Time limits

When you think about an expensive version of fake teeth, you only have to take a look at the Grillz worn by celebrities. The President of American Society for Dental Aesthetics recommends Grillz should be worn for less than four hours to prevent enamel erosion, gum disease and decay. Use this same maximum four-hour guideline when putting in your fake fangs, so you know the latest time you can remove them.

Restrict eating

Diving into the devilish range of yummy snacks on the table may seem like a good idea, but food trapped behind the fake teeth provide nourishment for bacteria which are just waiting to attack your teeth and cause decay. If you are going to eat while at the party, take the teeth out while you enjoy your snacks, so you can reduce the chances of food getting stuck. Additionally, bring a toothbrush along in your handbag, so you can give your teeth a good clean after you have eaten but before you put the false teeth back on. This is an extra protection to remove any remaining snack crumbs which may linger.

While a short spell of wearing fake fangs is not going to destroy your teeth overnight, it is another way that daily choices impact on your dental health. Use these tips to protect your teeth this Halloween, and talk to a dentist, such as at Bellasera Family Dentistry, if you have any further concerns about the impact of wearing fake teeth on All Hallows Eve.