Here's How Dental Crowns Can Hide The Effects Of Your Bad Habits

Everyone knows that they're not supposed to bite their nails, chew on toothpicks, or gnaw on pencils, as all of these behaviors can potentially damage, chip, and break your teeth. Unfortunately, the habits can be hard to break, and many people don't stop until they realize that it's already too late. Although it's unfortunate that you've experienced this damage, the good news is that a dentist can get your teeth looking normal again in no time. Here's how.

What You Need

If your tooth is already damaged, that means that there are a few specific things that you need and should expect from your dental treatment:

  • Protection - You don't want your teeth to get any more damaged than they already are, so you must protect the remaining parts of the tooth.

  • Reinforcement - Your tooth repair needs to be strong enough to put up with the daily rigors of chewing and biting.

  • Appearance - Your repair work must get you looking back to the way you once did, or even better than you did.

All three of these necessities can be achieved with dental crowns.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are often only associated with bad cavities and root canals, but they're actually used in many more applications than that. In fact, if your tooth is damaged, there's hardly a better choice than a dental crown to repair it.

Dental crowns sit over the top of the real tooth, encapsulating it. This means that your tooth will be protected, as it will be fully sealed off from being exposed to bacteria. It will also be reinforced, since the new crown will take the brunt of the force whenever you bite down. Lastly, a good dental crown can vastly improve your appearance, depending on the type of material you choose.

Best Material

If appearance is important to you, then you need to choose the best material for your dental crown. One of the best choices you can make is to choose a ceramic dental crown.

This type of crown strongly resembles real tooth enamel, not only in color but also in its shiny finish. Ceramic is also extremely strong and can withstand years of grinding, biting, and chewing. You can also choose a ceramic crown that's ceramic on the outside and metal on the inside to give yourself even more protection if your tooth is in very bad shape.

Getting a dental crown could be the solution to your tooth problem. Contact a dental office like Thornley Dental, set up an appointment to have your teeth examined, and try your best to break your bad habits so that you don't hurt more of your teeth.