3 Tips To Feel Less Apprehension When Visiting The Dentist

Has it been a while since you had your teeth looked at? Are you apprehensive about making an appointment to just get an exam and an X-ray done? There are plenty of people who hate having to go to the dentist, so you're not alone. Fortunately, there are a number of tips and tricks to help you to be able to relax and to get your teeth looked at and worked on with as little anxiety as possible. Although not everything will work for everyone, some of the things that you might want to try to include the following:

Listen to music: When you visit the dentist, bring a good set of noise-canceling earphones or earbuds and your favorite tunes. Not only will the music help to block out the sounds of the dental equipment being used in the office but listening to music may also help increase your tolerance to pain. If you're wary of visiting the dentist because it normally takes many shots of anesthetic before you no longer feel pain when a filling is being put in, listening to music could be all that is needed for you to only need one or two shots of anesthetic to relieve your pain.

Bribe yourself: If you've had one or more bad experiences with a dentist in the past, it's understandable that you'd now be wary of visiting one again. In order to get yourself thinking of the visits as at least acceptable, use them as an opportunity to get yourself something that you've been wanting. For instance, after a dental checkup, use that as a reason to buy yourself that video game that you've been wanting, to go to your favorite restaurant, or to do anything else of your own choosing. It may take time, but your brain will slowly start to associate the dental office with good things, and you'll be less anxious about any appointments.

Find your best fit: If you and your current dentist just don't mesh, feel free to find another dentist who works better for you. Different dentists will connect better with different patients. You should always feel comfortable talking to your dentist and you should never have doubts about the procedures that he or she is recommending. If you find yourself with concerns, there's nothing wrong with seeking out a second opinion or even in switching to a new dentist entirely.

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