Try To Determine If A Mark On Your Gum Suggests A Dental Abscess

One of the telltale signs that you have an abscess in one of your teeth is that you'll often get a pimple-like bump on the gum close to the tooth. An abscess is a serious dental problem that requires prompt treatment, so it's important that you're able to correctly identify some warning signs that this issue is present. However, you shouldn't run to the dentist every time you encounter a mark on your gum. Some other marks are innocuous and don't suggest that a dental abscess may be present. Here are some tips for trying to determine if a mark that you've noticed does indeed suggest an abscess.

Check The Appearance

A pimple that results from a dental abscess doesn't always have a white head like a pimple that you might find on your face, but it will look round and may appear red and inflamed. Conversely, a mark on your gum that might be the result of poking your mouth with something sharp or perhaps even burning it from something hot won't generally appear round. It doesn't hurt to gently touch the mark with a clean finger, too. If it appears very tender, much like a pimple elsewhere on your body, this can often be an indicator that you have a dental abscess.

Note Other Symptoms

One of the helpful ways to tell if the mark on your gum may be linked to a dental abscess is that you'll likely have other symptoms — namely, pain in your tooth. Dental abscesses often cause considerable discomfort, both in the tooth and in the surrounding area. Sometimes, this pain can be broad enough that you associate it with something else, such as a sore jaw or even a headache. In fact, this discomfort may be your first indicator that something is amiss — and when you notice a pimple on your gum, it will support your decision to visit your dentist.

Rule Out Other Issues

While you're not a dental professional and thus obviously can't make official diagnoses, you know your body and what you're perhaps endured. For example, if you ate a lot of citrus fruit recently and you often get cankers as a result of the acidity, you may have a canker in your mouth. At first glance, a canker can look a bit like a pimple — but, you should be able to link the mark with your diet, rather than a dental issue such as an abscess. If you're concerned about a mark in your mouth in any way, visit a dentist like John B Webster DDS.