Why People Are Picking Invisalign Over Metal Braces

If you're looking to make adjustments to the position of your teeth, you need to decide on an orthodontic treatment to do it. While metal brackets are a popular choice among teenagers, they may not be right for adults due to their visibility. Here are some reasons why you should pick invisible aligners such as Invisalign.

Overall Appearance

When it comes to looks, invisible aligners are going to look much more appealing to you when you are using the plastic trays. While the trays are not completely invisible, they are not going to be immediately noticeable to others when you're wearing them. This can help people that avoided braces because they were self-conscious about how the metal brackets would look on their teeth once the braces were installed.


One of the nice things about using invisible aligners is that the plastic trays can be removed at any time. While they are supposed to be kept in your mouth the vast majority of the day, you can remove them for things like brushing your teeth and eating. You'll be able to not worry about restrictions when eating your favorite foods, and you'll have an easier time flossing and brushing than you would with traditional metal braces.


As you can imagine, having metal brackets attached to your teeth is not going to be comfortable. They'll rub against the inside of your cheek and cause cuts, which often means using dental wax to cover the brackets so that your mouth can recover for a bit. This is not the case with invisible aligners. The plastic aligning trays are going to feel comfortable and not leave your mouth feeling irritated.

Treatment Duration

You'll find that invisible aligners can help correct the alignment of your teeth just as fast as traditional braces. Just because you are using trays instead of brackets and wires doesn't mean that you are compromising the quality of the treatment. This can make you feel good about your choice because you won't have to wear the aligning trays any longer than you would have metal braces installed.

Not positive if you are a good fit for using invisible aligners? Contact an orthodontist in your area for more information on this treatment. They can provide you with a consultation and let you know if you are a good candidate for treatment. If so, they'll get you started on the process towards having straight and beautiful-looking teeth.