Do You Need Dental Implants? These 3 Signs Say Yes

Thanks to dental technology advancement over the years, there are several teeth replacement options available today, dentures included. Though dentures are sometimes a good choice, they are not the best because you will often have to apply an adhesive. 

On the other hand, dental implants offer a permanent solution when it comes to replacing teeth. These are metallic fixtures that are surgically positioned on the jawbone to act as artificial teeth roots. After the surgery, the dentist mounts replacement teeth on the dental implants. That being said, here are indicators that you require dental implants.

When You Have Cracked Teeth

The goal of a professional dentist is to save a tooth even when it is severely damaged. However, there are times when teeth have cracks that are beyond repair. Remember that a cracked tooth can cause an infection that might spread to the surrounding area. Under such circumstances, dental implant surgery is good for you because it will prevent further damage, keeping infections at bay.

Also, dental implants offer an excellent way to replace missing teeth. Keep in mind that you may feel embarrassed without some of your teeth, which is an experience that can lower your self-esteem. Dental implant surgery will fill the space between the teeth and help you smile confidently. The fact that they look like real teeth means that people won't know that you've undergone dental implant surgery. 

When You Have Loose Dentures 

You are bound to feel uncomfortable when you have loose dentures, right? Furthermore, they can be a big embarrassment should they fall out when eating or talking. Considering that dental implants fuse with the jawbone, you can rest assured that they will stay in place at all times. By so doing, you won't have to worry about issues like gum irritation or humiliating experiences caused by dentures. 

When You Have an Infected Tooth That Needs Extraction 

Extraction isn't always necessary when you have an infected tooth. But there are times when infections cause extensive teeth damage such that extraction becomes inevitable. Should you find yourself in such a situation, dental implant surgery will undoubtedly come in handy. The dental implants will serve as your new teeth capable of performing all the functions of real teeth. 

Should you have cracked teeth, dental implants are something that you seriously need to consider. The same applies if you have teeth infection and loose dentures. For a remarkable result, make sure that your dental implant surgery is done by an experienced dentist. 

If you have additional questions about dental implants, contact a local dentist.