Info On Different Dental Specialties

General dentists are the most common and usually who you will see for your regular dental exams, provided you don't have something going on with your dental health that causes you to need to see another type of dentist. You can learn about some of the different types of dentists there are and what their specialties are by reading more of the content written here: 

General dentist 

As stated above, the general dentist is the dentist people go to for their routine exams. They also take care of the more common dental issues including cavities, tooth extractions, root canals, tooth repairing, teeth cleaning, and much more. If you have a dental issue going on, or you have a dental emergency, then you want to go directly to a general dentist. And if they find that you need to see someone else, then they will go ahead and refer you. 

Pediatric dentist 

While some general dentists can see children, including young children and infants, a pediatric dentist is one that specializes in working with children. This means that their office will be more set up for their younger clientele. They will have furniture for children, dental chairs and dental equipment for smaller children, plenty of toys, children's decorations, and staff that are used to dealing with children all day long. 


A periodontist is a dentist that someone will see if they are at risk of periodontal disease or if they are currently dealing with periodontal disease. They specialize in periodontal disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Periodontal disease is an infection of the gum that can cause damage to the bone of the jaw as well as the teeth. The symptoms include inflammation, redness, and pain in the gums. There are different ways of treating periodontal disease depending on many factors. Some risk factors include gingivitis, genetics, being overweight, malnourishment, drug use, hormonal issues, and bad dental hygiene habits. 


An orthodontist is a dentist whose primary focus is the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of teeth and/or jaws that are misaligned. For example, an orthodontist will see patients who have crooked teeth that need to be straightened or someone who has a bite that is off and needs correcting. 

Oral surgeons 

An oral surgeon is a specialist who performs both simple oral surgeries as well as complex and more invasive oral surgeries. 

It's important for you to see your dentist according to the schedule they put you on for your regular visits. This is the best way to prevent dental problems and keep your teeth in good shape. However, now you are aware of some of the different dental specialties that are out there, so you are better informed.

For additional information, contact a local dentist.