3 Reasons A Root Canal Is Better For You Than A Tooth Extraction

Simply filling in a small cavity is all it takes to fix this problem. However, this same approach will not be enough to put an end to tooth pain and additional tooth decay if a cavity is allowed to spread. In this situation, you will need to either undergo a root canal treatment or have the tooth extracted in order to correct the problem. While both of these options will eliminate decayed enamel and effectively take care of any tooth pain you may have been experiencing, the option of getting a root canal is almost always the better option. In this article, you can learn more about three of the reasons that a root canal treatment is actually better for you than having your tooth extracted.

#1: Root Canals Preserve Natural Bite Strength

Your bite strength can impact your ability to effectively chew certain foods. Missing teeth or teeth that have been replaced by full or partial dentures can negatively impact your bite strength. A root canal can help you to preserve your natural bite strength by allowing you to maintain a full set of teeth that are naturally anchored in your jawbone. 

#2: A Root Canal Will Prevent Bone Loss Associated With An Extraction

When you have a tooth extracted, the tooth socket in your jawbone that once housed the extracted tooth will be left unoccupied. As your body heals from this procedure, the empty socket will begin to shrink, resulting in bone loss. The more teeth you have extracted, the more severe this bone loss will be. With a root canal treatment, there is no need to worry about this type of bone loss since the tooth socket will remain occupied by your natural tooth. 

#3: Root Canal Treatments Require Virtually No Healing Time

Whether you are having just one tooth extracted or require multiple extractions, the fact is that there will always be a significant amount of healing time associated with this dental procedure. This is because even after the top layers of your gums heal from the extraction, there will still be healing that must take place below the surface and in your jawbone. Consequently, it can take several months before your mouth is fully healed from a tooth extraction. This is not the case when choosing to undergo a root canal treatment instead. In most cases, there will be virtually no healing time associated with this procedure since it is far less invasive than a tooth extraction.

Talk to a dentist if you believe you need a root canal.