All on Four Dental Implants: Benefits, Procedure, and Cost

Losing teeth can impact daily life drastically by affecting eating habits, speech, and confidence. Technological advancements in dentistry have made it possible to restore teeth with dental implants, which offer a permanent tooth replacement solution. One of the most popular dental implant technologies available today is a procedure that installs a full set of teeth on just four implants.

What Are All on Four Dental Implants?

The All on Four dental implant technique is a revolutionary method for replacing missing teeth, which offers a permanent, aesthetic, oral rehabilitation solution. This technique uses four dental implants to hold a fully customized dental prosthesis. This restoration provides a fixed set of natural-looking teeth, which are anchored to the four implants.

Benefits of All on Four Dental Implants

The All on Four dental implant technique offers many benefits, including improved oral health and comfortable, reliable, and stable teeth that feel and function like natural teeth. One of the most significant advantages of All on Four implants is that they are anchored deep into the jawbone, helping to maintain overall bone health, in contrast to other tooth replacement options that result in bone loss over time.

Consultation and Evaluation

To begin the process, the dentist will evaluate your dental health by performing X-rays and a CT scan of your jawbone to assess whether you qualify for the procedure. During this consultation, the dentist will also review the oral treatment plan, which can span from teeth removal to implant installation and restoration.

Implant Installation

After removing any damaged teeth or extractions, the dentist will pair with the on-site dental lab to create a custom prosthesis. Next, the dentist will install the four implants, angling two of the implants in the front jawbone and two implants angled towards the back for maximum stability. Once in place, the dental prosthesis snaps on top of the implants, creating a functional, natural-looking set of teeth that can last a lifetime with proper oral health care.

Cost Implications 

The overall cost of All on Four dental implants varies depending on the different factors involved in the process, such as the number of missing teeth, the location of the practice, and other factors. Generally, the All on Four procedure is cheaper than other dental implant options, such as individual dental implants or implant-supported partial dentures.

All on Four dental implants are an effective way to restore a patient’s smile while improving their oral health and confidence. This procedure provides many benefits, including stability and permanency, to make you feel like you have your natural teeth. Contact your dentist to discuss the procedure. Then, you can begin your transformation to regain your confidence and improve your oral health.

For more information about All on Four dental implants, reach out to a dental professional in your area.