Dental Tips: 4 Natural Drinks That Are Great For Your Smile

You decided to give up on sugar-infested juices and sodas for the sake of your teeth. This is a good decision, but, there are a few drinks that you may want to add to your diet. The following are 4 different drinks that are great for the health of your teeth.  4 Oral-Enhancing Drinks Consider the following and why they are good for your overall oral health:  1. Choose Oral-Friendly Water

3 Tips To Prevent Your Child's Dental Sealants From Chipping Prematurely

Dental sealants are a thin film that is used to coat the pits and fissures on your teeth. These areas are more susceptible to cavities because food can easily get stuck in these grooves. The film is not typically applied to smooth surfaces on your teeth. Dental sealants are ideal for children because they help to protect your child's teeth from tooth decay at a young age. However, dental sealants do not last forever.

How Excessive Alcohol Consumption Damages Your Teeth

They say that moderation is the key to everything, and this includes consuming alcohol. For example, drinking too much alcohol can harm your dental health. Here are three ways in which this may happen: Dry Mouth Alcohol is one of the causes of xerostomia, which is a chronic condition of dry mouth. It does this by reducing salivary excretion and making you dehydrated. Xerostomia is not good for your dental health because you need saliva to remineralize your teeth and wash away the bacteria and bits of food that lead to teeth decay.

I Feel Faint: Whether Or Not To Eat Before Getting A Tooth Filled

If your version of preparing for a dental appointment includes not eating in the morning before the appointment (so you don't blast your dentist with breakfast breath), you may need to double-check that with your dentist. Sometimes the stress from what is technically surgery plus the push by your body to start healing can make you feel light-headed and weak if you haven't eaten anything. But be aware that if you eat, you also have to ensure your blood sugar levels don't soar into unhealthy territory.

Care Tips For Your New Dental Veneers

Now that your new dental veneers have been installed, it is vital that you properly care for and protect them from preventable damage. By avoiding the consumption and use of items that can stain your veneers or otherwise damage their surfaces, you can ensure that your new cosmetic dentistry work will look wonderful for many years to come. Preventable Damage to Veneer Adhesive There are three very common dental products that can damage the adhesive that was used to attach your new veneers to the surfaces of your teeth: