How Oral-Conscious Sedation Works

Professional dental care is an important factor in maintaining good dental health. However, some people hesitate to schedule dental treatments due to the fear and anxiety that they experience when contemplating or receiving dental care.  Nowadays, dentists use localized anesthetics to ensure that any physical pain associated with a procedure is alleviated. Although these site-specific applications eliminate physical pain, they do not address the mental anguish incited by dental fears.  To reduce dental fear and anxiety, conscious dental sedatives can be provided.

How Dentists Fix Gummy, Short Teeth

When you smile, do your front teeth look too small for your face? Or, do you see too much of your gums on your upper teeth? If you experience these two problems, a visit to a cosmetic dentist might be just what you need. A cosmetic dentist, such as those at Kemper Pond Dental, can fix these issues with two different services: veneers and gum reshaping. You may need one of these to fix the problem, or you might need both.

Three Things To Do Between Your Tooth Extraction And Dental Implants

The time between getting your tooth pulled and getting dental implants can seem like an anxious waiting game. It is necessary to wait at least three months after you get a tooth extracted to get a dental implant to replace the tooth. In between this time, you may be a little self-conscious about your smile and how your teeth look. If you are having issues figuring out how to go about dealing with having gaps in your mouth, there are some things that you can do to look better.

Subtle Ways That You Can Fix Those Tooth Gaps

When it comes to fixing a dental problem, there can be a social stigma attached to many of the corrective procedures out there. Having a mouthful of metal braces may be acceptable in high school, but as an adult, it can seem weird to use the same corrective procedure so late in life. Thankfully, there are some subtle ways you can fix tooth gaps so that others won't be able to tell that you're doing it.

Help Your Recovery Along After Oral Surgery With These Tips

Oral surgery isn't fun, obviously, but you can make your recovery go a little faster and increase your chances of having good results if you follow a few bits of advice. Some of these might also show up on your post-op recovery instructions; if so, follow them to the letter. If you don't, you risk a setback. No Straws You might be told not to drink anything through a straw. This is because the suction created in your mouth when you try to suck liquids up through a straw can also pull at the stitches at the incision site, possibly pulling them out.