Handling The Loss Of A Dental Crown Or Filling

While fillings and crowns usually are highly durable, they can loosen and fall out of a patient's mouth. This can be an alarming and uncomfortable experience. This dental issue often leads to pain, sensitivity, and difficulties with eating. When faced with such a situation, it is crucial to seek dental help immediately to avoid further complications. Unfortunately, dental patients will often be unsure how to respond to this problem.  What Causes Fillings And Crowns To Fall Out?

5 Reasons To Visit An Emergency Dentist

Do you have a dental-related problem that is causing you a lot of discomfort, but you're wondering if you should visit an emergency dentist or wait for your regular dentist? Here are a few reasons that justify the visit to an emergency dentist.  Major Toothache Is there a problem with a tooth really hurting, and the pain is persistent and not going away? This is the type of toothache that requires the help of an emergency dentist.

Do Your Old Dentures Need An Upgrade?

At the time, complete dentures may have seemed like the most practical option to replace your missing teeth. They look reasonably natural, allow you to consume most foods (even with reduced bite force when compared to natural teeth), and were probably the most cost-effective choice. But as the years have gone by, your dissatisfaction with your dentures has grown. What are your options for upgrading your removable complete dentures? As the Years Go By

Actions You Should Avoid After Receiving A Dental Implant

Missing teeth can make it difficult to smile and chew with confidence. If you are considering the replacement of a missing tooth, your dentist may suggest an implant-based restorative option. Dental implants provide stable foundations for prosthetic dental devices, such as bridges and crowns. Moreover, implants rarely fail so they will likely outlast the devices that they stabilize. Still, there are negative activities that can contribute to implant failure. Here are a few actions that you should avoid if you are planning to receive dental implants.

Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants

People with missing teeth, broken teeth, or bad cavities are candidates for dental implants. But why would you choose dental implants over dentures or dental crowns? Well, dental implants have so many undeniable benefits, as listed below.  They Last Longer As highlighted earlier, you can get dentures, dental crowns, or implants when you have broken teeth. However, both dental crowns and dentures are not great options because they rarely last long.